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Fieldbus and networking in process automation

Sunit Kumar Sen.

xxi, 431 pages ; 25 cm.

ISBN: 9781466586765

Resumen: "This book covers the whole gamut of data communication, networking, and process automation in a single volume in a very precise, lucid and comprehensive manner. It starts with a measuring system introduction, a study on how a closed loop process system works, conventional instrument types and then a subsequent transition to DDC, SCADA, PLC, DCS, and lastly FCS. It presents in a very clear and concise manner of how the different fieldbuses are installed and operated, with special emphasis given on the three mostly used"—

Resumen: "Preface Fieldbus, particularly the wireless fieldbus, offers a multitude of benefits in the field of process control and automation. Wireless fieldbus is fast emerging and is trying to carve out a niche among the different fieldbus offerings in the market. Fieldbus replaces the point-to-point technology with digital communication networking, offers increased data availability, and is easily configurable and interoperable. It is a modest attempt on the part of the author to discuss the different fieldbuses in the market, their utilities along with their shortcomings, the fieldbus configurations, the installation techniques, the safety aspects in hostile environmental conditions, and other relevant issues pertaining to fieldbuses. The book, Fieldbus and Networking in Process Automation, provides a clear, concise, and comprehensive coverage of fieldbuses as used in the process control and automation industries. Fieldbus and networking is an emerging area and is increasingly being applied in process industries. It will be very helpful for engineering students in the area of instrumentation, process, electrical, electronics, and computer science disciplines, and will give them adequate exposure about the different fieldbus technologies in use today. The book starts with an introduction about data communication followed by networking, network models, and networks as applied in process automation. The three most used fieldbuses, viz., HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus, followed by several others are then discussed in detail"—

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